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Founded by certified Mindfulness and Meditation teacher, Cynthia Arscott, Goldminds offers in-person and online meditation classes for schools, and for individual kids. Practicing Goldminds’ meditation techniques helps to enhance focus, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve sleep. By teaching mindfulness exercises to children at a young age, kids will have the tools they need to effectively manage their own minds as they go through life. From building confidence, to learning how and when to calm down, Goldminds can help children regulate their own emotions and thrive, both in school and socially.

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Go with YoYo is a children’s entertainment and fitness company founded by certified fitness professional, Yvonne Kusters. In 2006 Yvonne created LET’S PLAY TODAY®, a mobile educational fitness practice used around the world. A comprehensive, fun, fitness program designed specifically for young children from 2–10 years of age, the LET'S PLAY TODAY® program has earned praise from parents, educators, and kids. LET'S PLAY TODAY® uses exercise activities that blend games, sports, imaginative play, yoga, creative movement, and exciting music to build a broad range of physical skills, confidence, social interaction, brain development, and healthy habits.

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An audio imagination company for kids, GoKidGo is one of the first publishers exclusively creating freely accessed narrative podcasts for children. GoKidGo is on a mission to create audio experiences that feel like Pixar for your ears, while offering practical support for the very real needs facing children today. GoKidGo aims to educate, be proudly inclusive, and help kids get much needed time away from screens. Through collaboration with organizations like NAMI and the University of Texas, GoKidGo’s award winning team creates innovative content with social, emotional, and academic development best practices. GoKidGo is supported by partnerships with UTA, Stampede Ventures, HappyNest, Workhouse Media, and pocket.watch.

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