Alison Corcoran

New York, New York, USA

  • Fitness Coach
  • Perinatal Fitness
  • 15+ Years of Professional Experience
  • NASM, ACE, ProNatal, CFSC, FRC Certified

While working as a flight attendant, Alison Corcoran dove deep into the study of exercise science and kinesiology with the aim of countering the effects of an unhealthy, on-the-go lifestyle. After obtaining her first personal trainer certification from NASM, she began working with her airline colleagues, testing out workout regimens for traveling professionals that require minimal equipment. 

After hanging up her wings, Alison earned her ACE Group Fitness Instructor certification and began teaching at studios all over San Francisco. Today, she has over 20 certifications, and more than a decade of experience coaching groups, as well as individuals, from kids to seniors. She’s taught a variety of types of classes over the years, from bodyweight conditioning for rock climbers, to indoor cycling for cardio junkies, and of course, perinatal fitness for expecting and new parents.

If you train with Alison, you can expect a healthy dose of humor, a little tough love, and most importantly, an effective, challenging, workout.


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