Jessica L'Esperance

  • Personal Trainer
  • Weight Training
  • 5+ Years of Experience
  • CanFitPro Certified Personal Trainer

Jessica L’Espérance has believed in the importance of both physical and mental health since she was a kid. After studying at university, she began a career in special education. Meanwhile, she was also growing a strong social media following. Soon she would find herself at a crossroads; continue studying in her field, or become a fitness professional.

Realizing that she could pursue her passions and still help people, Jessica chose to apply all the dedication and hard work that she put into her studies into creating her own dream job. Today, she’s a certified personal trainer with a devoted group of followers and fans. Jessica wants you to see your workout as an important meeting with yourself. She wants you to make it a moment when you only think about your own holistic wellbeing. Let the anxiety, stress, and problems of daily life float away, and join Jessica for a workout that can be truly transformative.

When you work out with Jessica, you’ll build muscle tone, burn calories, relieve stress, and feel more centered.


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