Eddie Carrington

New York, New York, USA

  • Fitness Professional
  • Cardio-kickboxing, Boxing, and Dance
  • 20+ Years of Experience
  • NASM, AFAA Certified

With his masters in English Education from NYU, Eddie Carrington was on track to become a teacher. Instead, he chose to pursue a career as a fitness professional. It proved to be the right  choice. In the years since,  Eddie has trained famous names, served as a spokesperson for national fitness brands, and been a contributing writer for a variety of fitness magazines. As a teacher at heart, Eddie knows that the mental component of training is just as crucial as the physical one.

By making a concerted effort to get his trainees to tap into their mental and physical strengths, Eddie helps people obliterate fitness roadblocks and meet their goals. He knows that time is important, and has created workout regimens that make the most of every second. He’ll help you get and stay motivated, and give you the fitness knowledge you need to reach the next level.

Training with Eddie is learning, growing, and challenging yourself. With that challenge however, comes great reward.


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