Isabelle Kroeh

Québec, Canada

  • Fitness and Wellness Expert
  • Ballet Sculpt, Body Weight Training, Express Workouts
  • 20+ Years of Experience
  • AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, ANIE Certified

As TV show host, a podcaster, a writer, and a lecturer at Lasalle College in Montreal, Isabelle Dominique Kroeh has a well-earned reputation as an excellent communicator. Since completing her education in health communication from UQAM, Isabell has traveled the world as a motivational speaker and as a personal trainer. She’s seen the fitness industry from many different angles over the last 20+ years, and she is proud to bring her unique experience to GoZone+.

Isabelle’s mission is to motivate people to get up, get moving, and reach their fitness goals. By developing healthy lifestyle habits that extend beyond the fitness studio, she can help you achieve a more holistic wellness. With workout segments and snacks based on ballet and bodyweight training, Isabelle will inspire you to find joy in everyday movement.

Training with Isabelle is challenging yet elegant. It will inspire you to move with intention and reward your body. 


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