Julian (JD) Devine

New York, New York, USA

  • Personal Trainer & Digital Trainer
  • Boxing, Strength & Conditioning
  • 8+ Years of Experience
  • CFSC, LMU, RKC, NASM Certified

Though Julian Devine (JD) is from a small town in Minnesota, he doesn’t know how to ice-skate, which is weird considering how good his footwork is in the ring. A breakdancer-turned-boxer, JD now resides in New York City, where he’s made a name for himself as both a competitor and as a trainer. For the last 8+ years he’s been using boxing-based workouts to help people meet their fitness goals, whether they want to step into the ring, or just improve muscle tone and cardiovascular health.

With a passion for boxing that runs deep in his core, JD knows that boxing can be one of the most efficient and effective workouts out there. JD has studied with some of the boxing world’s best coaches, and he’s ready to pass on that knowledge to you. Perhaps one day, to show our gratitude, we can teach him to ice-skate.

If you train with JD, you can expect a workout that is stimulating, highly effective, and helps you burn off calories and relieve stress.


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