Julian Ho

  • Holistic Fitness Coach
  • Creator of RUNCONX and Everyday Mobility
  • Functional Training, Running, and Mobility
  • 15+ Years of Experience
  • CanFitPro PTS, FIS, Chek Practitioner HLC, EC Health Coach, IoM, Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training, Yoga Detour

Julian Ho is a self-mastery coach and wellness consultant, specializing in mindset, motivation, holistic health, and community innovation. Over the last 15+ years, Julian has earned his HBA in kinesiology, as well as certification in numerous disciplines. He has experience working one-on-one, teaching groups, and as a keynote speaker. Much more than simply a trainer, Julian coaches, consults, and creates

In his free time, Julian has completed a 120-mile ultramarathon and Ironman competitions. He also enjoys throwing dinner parties with his friends and producing music with his Dad. Julian lives by three philosophies: experiential learning, adaptability, and positive psychology, and believes fitness will become much more enriching when practiced holistically. He’s excited to share his wealth of knowledge and positive energy with the GoZone+ family.

Training with Julian is about the mind, just as much as the body. His segments and snacks will improve mobility, tone and sculpt, and help you create mental clarity.


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