Lindsay Carson

New York, New York, USA

  • Yoga Teacher
  • Yoga
  • 10+ Years of Experience
  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Schwinn + Stages Cycling Certified, Precision Run Coach

A classic overachiever who has always lived her life at a “New York” pace, Lindsay Carson is an unlikely person to end up as a yoga expert. She studied at Savannah College of Art and Design, and began a high-stress career as an art director, graphic designer, and social media manager. Though she had tried yoga a few times in college (didn’t we all?), this self-described “adrenaline junky” just couldn’t see the appeal in sitting still.

In 2008, once she began living the frantic NYC life, she was able to reconnect with yoga. Little by little, she discovered the incredible physical and mental benefits of this ancient discipline. With her newfound strength, flexibility, and mental clarity, Lindsay set off on a mission to share yoga with the world. Today, she has multiple certifications, over a decade’s worth of experience, and a devoted fan base that just keeps growing.

When you practice yoga with Lindsay, you can expect to improve flexibility and muscle tone, while adding some new balance and clarity to your life.


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